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Budget and finance app for individuals and businesses

Bookipi Expense is the ultimate financial management tool. Keep on track of your income and expenses, your assets and your debts all in the one app. You get all of this straight from your mobile phone.

Why Bookipi Expense

Built for everyone

Bookipi Expense caters for everyone. You can use the app if you’re looking to simply manage your personal income and assets or if you’re a business owner looking to manage your business’ income and assets.



Track your cash flow with Bookipi's Expense tracker and budget app

Track your cash flow
Track all of your financial activity with ease. You can create multiple wallets for your different accounts and assets. Sync with Bookipi Invoice to track your income.



Manage your budgets smartly with Bookipi Expense

Smart Budgets
Create a monthly or weekly budget. You’ll get a notification when you near or go over your spending limit.



Sync Bookipi's Expense and Budget app with your bank

Automatic bank feed sync
When you sync your bank feed, you won’t have to do a thing. Your income and expenses will automatically be added and categorised for you.

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Best budgeting and expense management features

Sync our expense and budget app

Sync with bank feed

Your income and transactions sync automatically to the app. You won’t need to enter anything manually.

Our expense tracker and budget app has a simple user experience

Simple User Experience

Navigate the app with ease thanks to a simple yet intuitive user interface.

Categorise your income and expenses for better budgeting

Unique categories

Categorise your transactions and income. You’ll know where your money comes from and goes to.

Export your expense, income and budget data

Export data

Generate instant summaries of your wallets with our CSV exporting feature.

Store your receipts in our expense tracker and budget app

Photograph & store receipts

Photograph and store your receipts to help you out later.

Get notifications when your expenses exceed your budget

Budget notifications

Be notified for when you’re nearing your weekly/monthly budget.

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