How to add an expense or income in Cash Flow on Bookipi Invoice

In the following tutorial we will show you:

How to add an expense

Step 1: Select Accounts

Step 2: Select your cash account

Step 3: Select the + button

Step 4: Input the amount, select the category, add a note, or even take a photo of the receipt by selecting the camera icon.

Step 5: Click Save

How to add income

Step 1: Select the + button

Step 2: Select Income

Step 3: Input the amount, the category, a note, or add a photo.

Step 4: Click Save

How to include invoice payments as an income stream

When an invoice is paid, the transaction will automatically be recorded in your cash wallet as an income by invoice number

How to view transactions for different months

You can also view transactions for different months by selecting the top arrows.

Select “This month” to bring the transaction view back to the current month

Next tutorial: how to take a photo of your expense receipts on cashflow.

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