How to create, send, edit and filter invoices on Bookipi Web

How to create and send an invoice

Step 1: Sign in to Bookipi Web

Step 2: Select + create and select + invoice

Step 3: Add a Customer

Step 4: Add an Item.

Step 5: You can edit the quantity, price and even add a note.

Step 6: Customise other options such as Discount & Shipping, Tax, Invoice number, Dates, Notes and click save.

Step 7: Check that all the information is correct and select send OR you can manually mark the invoice as sent

Step 8: Check the email address (Note: You can copy yourself into the email and write a personalized note to your customers) and send.

And this is what your clients should see.

If you have payments activated, your clients can pay directly from their invoice with the pay now button. They can also export the invoice as a PDF or print out a hard copy.

To activate payments, select “Turn on BookiPay” in the dashboard. BookiPay is available in Australia and is currently being released in the US

How to edit an invoice

Step 1: Select Invoice and click on the invoice you would like to edit OR select the invoice directly from the dashboard

Step 2: Select the three dots which will open up an option for you to edit, print, archive, copy or remove the invoice.

Step 3: Select edit. Make your changes and click save.

How to sort invoices

With the new update, you also have the option to filter invoices by the customer or by status.

When filtering by status you can filter your invoices by inbox, sent, read, partial paid, paid, archived, and all.

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