How to set up BookiPay (US)

US Bookipi Invoices can now accept card payment using our new payments platform BookiPay!

In this tutorial, you’ll find information on:

We also go over the types of information you need to provide when you sign up, including:

How to sign up to BookiPay

  1. Click on the setup link sent to your email.

Verify your contact details

  1. Fill out your phone number and click send to verify.
  2. Input the verification code sent to the phone number you have provided. If you haven’t received the code after 10 seconds, check the contact number and click resend again.
  3. Select “Verify”.

Lets start by adding your business name

  1. Select the country you are conducting business in.
  2. Fill out your EIN, Business legal name, and Business trading name
  3. Save and Continue.

Fill out your business information

  1. Fill out your business address. If your address does not show up on the list, select “enter my address manually”
  2. Fill out your business website.
  3. Select the business description your business falls under from the drop-down menu.
  4. Save and Continue.

Business Bank Details

  1. Fill out your account name, bank name, account number, and routing number.
  2. Select the Account ownership type (Personal or Business) and account type (Checking, Savings or General Ledger)
  3. Save and continue.

Fill out the owner information

  1. Fill out the full name, email address, job title, SSN, contact number, residential address, and date of birth of the individual. If your address does not show up on the list, select “enter my address manually”
  2. Select whether the individual holds ownership of “100%” of the business or “other”. If “other” is selected, input the amount of ownership that is held.
  3. Save and Continue.

For businesses with multiple owners*

  • We need the details of any owner with 20% or more ownership of the business (up to a maximum of 5 owners can be entered). If nobody owns 20% or more of the business, we need the information for 5 beneficial owners’ with the highest ownership percentage. We then need the details of one owner to act as an authorized person for the account. A director or executive can also act as an authorized person for the account when no beneficial owners own more than 20%.
  • If you are required to input more beneficial owners select “add another person” and input the relevant details for each individual.

Finally, please provide the following details about your company financials to finish the signup

  1. Estimated monthly bank transaction volume: this is the average monthly volume of bank card transactions
  2. Estimated average amount of individual transactions: This is the average value of individual transactions made
  3. Estimated largest transaction amount: this is the largest value of individual transactions made.
  4. Tick the checkbox to accept the Propay terms and conditions.
  5. Save and continue.

Great job! You’re done! Time to get paid.

How to pass on the Credit Card surcharge to your customer

  • Charge Credit Card surcharge to your customers
    • Settings>Customer Payment options> turn on “Surcharge” and indicate the amount you would like to charge your customer.
  • Once that is completed, when you send the invoice to your customer, they will see the surcharge information under “Pay online now”
  • When the customer selects “Pay online now” the surcharge will be added to the total

Time to get BookiPaid!

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