How to set up your business on Bookipi Web

Step 1: Log in to

Step 2: Click on your profile icon on the top right and select settings.

Step 3: In the User settings you can edit your name, update a profile picture or reset your password.

Step 4: Add in your business information in Business settings. Here you can edit your business name, email that will appear on the invoice, phone number, additional information, and country. You can also add a business logo, a business number, and a business address.

Step 4: Setup your General settings. Here you can enable card payments on invoices with Bookipay, edit your date format, language, currency and how our currency will be displayed.

Step 5: Setup your Document settings. Here you can customize which documents will be visible, the default due date, default tax, and whether to send yourself a copy of the document when you send it to your customers.

Step 6: For the documents you have selected, you can also edit the document numbers, add in default notes and default messages.

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